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The Optivest Companies

The Optivest Companies

Optivest Wealth Management

Optivest Wealth Management is a boutique wealth management firm that manages the irreplaceable capital of wealthy families and individuals since 1987. Optivest offers a holistic approach to advisory, specializing in helping with traditional liquidity events — business sales, inheritance, and insurance/litigation awards. The Company believes that a properly diversified portfolio goes well beyond the typical mix of stocks, bonds and cash. The optimum portfolio allocation targets low volatility utilizing a strategic blend of securities, fixed income and real estate. Including these specialty growth and high cash flow investments truly balances and protects portfolios, providing the peace of mind our client’s desire.

Optivest Properties

Optivest Properties is a fully integrated property acquisition and management company specializing in mini warehouse and multi-tenant properties, and is a member of National Storage Affiliates (NSA). Optivest Properties acquires and manages solely-owned individual properties for its largest clients. The Company and its principals are affiliated with over 57 locations nationwide comprising of over 30,000 units and over 4,300,000 square feet of mini storage, RV and commercial storefront/warehouse storage space. The Company has managers in eight states across the United States. This in-house real estate team allows our investors to further diversify into these unique high cash flow investments.

Optivest Retirement Strategies

Optivest Retirement Strategies provides retirement advisory services focused on helping clients develop a strategic vision for building, managing and distributing their retirement assets. The Company helps clients develop a plan that uses a philosophy that incorporates actual market data including inflation, social security and market returns to ensure assets will last a lifetime.

Optivest Foundation

The Optivest Foundation is a private foundation under IRS Section 501(c)(3) and is frankly one of the key reasons Optivest exists today. The Optivest Companies contribute 10% of every revenue dollar, not just profits, into the Foundation and actively distribute those funds throughout the year. The Optivest Foundation specifically gives to Christian Ministries, defined as such by their service, outreach and missions. The Foundation directs these funds to build orphanages and medical clinics, to drill fresh water wells and numerous other life changing projects in the name of Christ.