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The Optivest Investment Banking Story

Paul Donnelly

When Paul Donnelly, founder and President of Optivest IB, Inc., was looking to leverage his experience and capabilities of over 25 years as a venture capitalist and investment banker, he recognized that many of the $3.5 billion in completed transactions resulted in a meaningful wealth or liquidity event for his clients. Often these wealth events were connected to a corporate sale or recapitalization, generating significant liquidity for their respective owners and fueling the need for trusted expert investment advisory services.

Paul began exploring the combined offering of investment banking and wealth management advisory services with Mark Van Mourick, founder and CEO of Optivest, Inc. Both Mark and Paul, who met in 2006 through their partnership with the Sumba and Optivest Foundations, began to share their passion and vision for delivering high touch advisory services to their respective clients. They agreed that the market timing was right to extend the value chain of advisory services to include both monetizing business assets through investment banking and managing the transition into personal assets through investment advisory.

Mark Van Mourick

Mark has spent over 25 years building a successful investment advisory firm serving wealthy families and high net worth individuals, many of which are located in Southern California. Paul, who recently left the investment banking firm B. Riley & Co., has spent over 20 years working directly with company owners and management in helping them develop and execute corporate finance strategies and transactions.

At Optivest IB, we target companies that are well-positioned to unlock meaningful value for their respective owners, but may lack the size and scale to get the proper attention and quality of service from the larger, branded investment banks. We not only help owners understand their corporate finance options, we help them position and execute every aspect of the transaction. In addition, we offer to guide them through their next venture, which is often outside their comfort zone or core competency; managing the assets generated from the transaction.

While both the investment advisory and investment banking practices operate independently, we look forward to offering clients full access to our collective capabilities.